Lawyer with Compassion!

There are a lot of lawyers in Toronto. Most of them are good with huge practise. But one stands above all – Mariana Slomyanski. This star shines brighter because of her COMPASSION.

As a result of the accident I could not walk without assistance, I was losing consciousness in the stores however the accident happened due to my fault and many lawyers did not want to take my case because of that.  At this point I met Mariana Slomyanski.

This Great Lady had the guts to take my case and had the heart to treat me like her family member. Not only that she took the case, WE WON.

Mariana open all funds for me through my insurance company found the doctors: I started to get adequate treatment and home assistance and income replacement benefits as I was not able to work and was left without any financial aid. On top of this Mariana personally was calling to make sure I am alive and that I have everything I need (I live alone and have no family in Canada). Mariana arranged my mom to come over the seas to take care of me and convinced the insurance company to pay for my mom’s flight and stay in Canada.

Now I have recovered from the hell which I was in. And through the prism of my life experience I can say that if Mariana Slomyanski took my case with such consciousness she is going to take your case with same attention and full devotion despite anything.

From the bottom of my heart I say “Thank you” that I met you, Mariana. Thank you that you care for people. Thank you for your Talent, thank you for your Hard Work and most of all THANK YOU FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL HEART.

    Olena Kashchenko, Thornhill