Brain Injuries

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Brain Injuries


Brain Injury occurs as a result of a concussion or wound of the head. Such an injury might happen as a result of Motor Vehicle Accidents or Slip & Fall Accidents. Brain Injury might be light, mild, or serious. Light Brain Injury might be characterized by a light change of consciousness, while as a result of a serious Brain Injury one can lose consciousness and even pass away.

The symptoms of a Brain Injury are as follows: constant headache, vertigo, vomiting, change of consciousness, coordination disorders, hearing disorder, blurred vision, rare pulse, difficulty with speaking, etc.
Patients with a Brain Injury must be thoroughly checked up and diagnosed by the specialists: physiatrists and neurologists.
It is important to remember that serious consequences of head injury might not appear right away, but some time after the accident. The treatment and rehabilitation following such a trauma might be time consuming and expensive.
Only an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer will be able to assess your claim properly and to achieve the maximum possible compensation in any individual case.
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